Diamond Bakery celebrates its 94th anniversary by announcing the development of three new crunchy flavors from its test kitchen.

“Building off the success of last year’s new soda cracker flavors, this year we’ve added a new hearty flavor, which we think will become a local favorite – Toasted Sesame Soda Crackers. For those who like a bit of sweetness, we have an all-new Blueberry Royal Creem Cracker and Coconut Graham Cracker, both been a hit with keiki and tutu alike,” details company president Gary Yoshioka.

Diamond Bakery previewed them at this year’s Made in Hawaii Festival and says folks loved them.

The crackers are available starting today statewide at Foodland, Times, Don Quijote, KTA and Kmart. Over the next few weeks they will roll out at Longs, Walmart, Tamuras, Walgreens, Safeway, the Commissaries and other popular local retailers.

You can also purchase them online at diamondbakery.com.