Diamond Bakery is pleased to announce a new line of ultra premium Hawaiian Shortbread Macadamia Nut cookie collection in 5 exciting flavors – original, taro, brownie, pineapple and lilikoi.  

“This line was inspired by the recent success of our line of Hawaiian Shortbread Cookies that we launched in 2016 to celebrate our 95th anniversary,” said Gary Yoshioka, President of Diamond Bakery Company, Ltd. “All of our cookies are 100% Made-In-Hawaii with premium macadamia nuts and real butter, making them richer and even more buttery and creamy in flavor than our original line.”

Diamond Bakery brought back their master baker Henry Torres last year to help them take their Shortbread Cookies to the next level. “We take our cookies very seriously,” said Yoshioka “During our testing for the original Shortbread Cookie collection we tried some with Macadamia Nuts as an ingredient in the based and everyone absolutely loved them. It was then we decided they were so ono they deserved their own signature brand and we’re confident our new unique taro flavor will quickly become a local favorite!”

The new Shortbread Macadamia Nut cookie collections feature a new packaging design which is more luxurious and harder to break into than the regular line “after our recent stint of cookie thief’s we wanted to make sure this higher end products packaging would be not only aesthetically beautiful, but also stronger to help prevent people from sampling cookies out of the box at retailers.” said Yoshioka.   

The products are now available at Times, Foodland, Don Quijote, Longs, and KTA.  For mainland shoppers who want to be among the first to taste these creamy treats, the cookies are also available online. Times shoppers will have a chance to win a trip for two on Island Air and KTA shoppers a two-night staycation at the Mauna Kea Resort by filling out an entry at each store. “The cookies are of course a super sweet gift for Mother’s Day and we promise everyone in your Ohana will simply love’um!” said Yoshioka.

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