When it comes to nostalgia, nothing can compare to our Saloon Pilot Crackers. Saloon Pilots are one of those rare foods that can tell the history of Hawaii with every bite. But, how did they become one of Hawaii’s most recognized foods?

These large, round, and relatively hard biscuits were called “hardtack” in the New England states because of how indestructible they were on long voyages. Hardtack was originally introduced to the Hawaiian Islands by traders, whalers, and missionaries who ate them during long journeys to Hawaii. The biscuits were barely breakable with teeth, so sailors crushed them with rocks or softened them with bacon grease.

How did Diamond Bakery discover the recipe? Our founders needed a product that would serve as a solid foundation for their business, something that was tasty and reasonably priced. So, they decided on “Sea Biscuits” aka “Pilot Crackers” and learned the recipe and method to produce them from a baker who had jumped ship to settle in Hawaii.

To this day, many in the local community have fond childhood memories of Saloon Pilots. And, they have even come full circle and are being sold in Maine and New England. Whether you enjoy them with jelly, butter and sugar, or with a bowl of homemade Portuguese Bean Soup, our Saloon Pilot Crackers hold a special place in the hearts and history of the people of Hawaii.

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