Ever heard of the expression “Don’t talk to me before I’ve had my coffee?”, we totally understand. We like to take things one cup at a time too. In Kona of the Big Island, the very first coffee tree was planted in 1828 by Samuel Reverend Ruggles. By 1899, nearly three million coffee trees had grown throughout the region. Nowadays, there are nearly 650 coffee farms in Kona. Most coffee plants in Kona are owned by families whose roots resonate on the Big Island in Kona. Not many know this, but coffee grown in Kona is advantageous compared to it’s competitors in Brazil and Columbia. This is because of the rich volcanic soil and high elevation that the coffee is cultivated in.


In Hawaii, Kona coffee is referred to as Kona kope, and is often in high demand and limited supply. Nevertheless, whenever you come out to Hawaii you will surely be satisfied by the rich flavors of Kona Coffee which can be found throughout the stores of Hawaii. Diamond Bakery brings you the rich Kona coffee flavor you’re looking for in the form of a delicious treat. We offer Kona Coffee shortbread cookies, and royal creem crackers that combine your island favorites for the perfect love affair. Try mixing our Kona coffee shortbread cookies with some vanilla ice cream or our Kona coffee royal creem with some hot chocolate- flavor so good you’ll come back for seconds!