Passionfruit, or lilikoʻi is one of our favorite island treats. With a tropical flavor that canʻt be beat, and a flower whose beauty is indescribable – lilikoʻi reigns as one of the most awe evoking island fruits.  Its origins began in South America and it was believed to be introduced to Hawaii in 1880. Today, it can be found growing wild on all of the islands of Hawaiʻi. There are two types of liliko‘i, one that produces a purple skinned fruit, and one that produces a yellow skinned fruit. In Hawai‘i, the most common is the yellow lilikoʻi. These are generally very tart but at the same time incredible sweet, they are often enjoyed in drinks, syrups, butters, jams, and desserts!  

Not only are lilikoʻi enjoyed as a food or admired for its beauty, but its vines can also be woven into beautiful baskets! If you are interested in growing lilikoʻi, it’s important that you are in the right environment. Lilikoʻi does best in very fertile, well-drained soil. They also need something for their vines to climb on such as a fence. They need a lot of water and sunlight in order to flourish just like other tropical plants!  

At Diamond Bakery, we love lilikoʻi so much that we’ve included their decadent flavors in many of our products to make them that much more delicious! Enjoy our liliko‘i flavored shortbread cookies or Hawaiian biscuits to treat yourself in one of the most prized tropical flavors of the islands!  

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