City Council

Recognizing and Congratulating Diamond Bakery 95 Years of Excellence

The Honolulu City Council takes great pride in the celebration and recognition of community pillars that arose from a simple dream of dreams and that continue to provide delectable treats and service to the community. As such, the Honolulu City Council is extremely pleased to join in the occasion of recognizing and congratulating Diamond Bakery for celebrating 95 years of business and service to our community.

 The founding of Diamond Bakery was a dream come true for a trio of friends. Three Japanese immigrants, Hidegoro Murai, Kikutaro Hiyura, and Natsu Muramoto, who all enjoyed baking and had a vision to create Hawaii’s first bakery focused on baking the perfect Hawaiian-made cracker founded Diamond Bakery in 1921. The trio of friends named their bakery Diamond, after the famous and iconic Diamond Head landmark that was visible from their original factory location. 

Over the next 94 years, Diamond Bakery would experience continued growth and acclaim in delivering some of the best cookies around. Through its continuing success, the bakery expanded its lines of cookies, relocation into bigger facilities in order to meet increasing demand, entry into various markets all around the world, and a continuing desire by Hawaii’s households for its beloved line of cookies.

Diamond Bakery is more than simply a household name in Hawaii and abroad, it is charitable company that strives to give back to numerous charitable causes throughout our community. Over the years, local organizations that have benefitted from the company’s generosity include American Heart Assocation, Aloha United Way, United Service Organizations, and other organizations that foster reef conservation, health, well-being of children, preservation of our natural resources, those in need, and efforts that preserve the uniqueness of Hawaii.

Baking over 1 million crackers a day at their factory, Diamond Bakery’s assortment of cookies now includes various flavored soda and graham crackers, a wide assortment of flavored cookies, and of course, the iconic beloved animal cracker and candy bead cookies packages that are sure to please any palate.  

Today, what started out simply as a dream for Hidegoro, Kikutaro, and Natsu, has blossomed into a business venture that is sure beyond their wildest imagination. From proudly serving Hawaii’s households to achieving international acclaim, Diamond Bakery cookies can be found or purchased virtually from anywhere in the world. 

Therefore, on behalf of the City and County of Honolulu, the Honolulu City Council extends its warmest and heartfelt congratulations to Diamond Bakery for celebrating 95 years of baking and service to our community. The Council further thanks and commends the entire Diamond Bakery staff for their continued commitment to providing excellence through its variety and assortment of cookies and keeping tummies in Hawaii and all over the world happy.