Basic Application

Fundraiser Application & General Contract

    –Hawaii Original since 1921–

    There is a minimum order of 204 bags (17 cases) of cookies. Flavors are packaged by the case (12 bags). The selling price of each 1lb. bag of cookies is $10.00. Your Group will pay $5.00 for each bag ordered. Your profit will be $5.00 for each bag sold. Your Group may not decrease the total number of bags once the order has been placed. Cookies will normally be ready for delivery or pick-up in 5 (five) business days from the date of order. Diamond Bakery will contact your Organizer once the cookies are ready for delivery or pick-up. Diamond Bakery will only take back full cases of unsold cookies. All opened cases become your property. Diamond Bakery is not responsible for lost or stolen bags. Both your Group and the individuals coordinating the fundraiser will be financially responsible for all bags of cookies ordered.

    For O‘ahu Groups a $250 deposit in the form of a check from the Organization must be paid with the approved order. It will be applied to the final invoice. The balance is due in 30 days from the date of the deposit. The full invoice must be paid before we issue additional products.

    Neighbor island orders must be paid in full prior to shipment. For orders of at least 204 bags (17 cases) [12 bags per case], shipping is free of charge. For orders under 204 bags, the shipping cost is $50.00.

    We ask that two persons of legal age, not living in the same household, sign the contract; one of whom must be an officer of the Organization, the other being an appointed fundraising coordinator who will work directly with Diamond Bakery.

    Fundraisers are for Non-profit Organizations only, no personal fundraisers. The sale will begin once the cookies are picked up by one of the signers, or persons authorized by the signers. Proceeds of the fundraiser must be only for benefit of the named non-profit organization. Sales should only be handled by members or representatives of your Organization. Diamond Bakery will not be held responsible for any problems that may arise from the sale of Diamond Bakery Cookies by your Organization. Both persons signing the Fundraiser General Contract will be held personally responsible for the payment of all monies owed to Diamond Bakery.