One cracker topping for our fan favorite soda crackers could be the classic combination of cream cheese, cucumber and dill – perfect and refreshing for any family outing. Another combo that would be paired nicely with our cinnamon soda crackers would be a dab of Nutella and banana slice – the ultimate keiki favorite. Oh! And to add some real flavor to your favorite Saloon Pilot Cracker, we recommend topping it with some whipped cream cheese and layering some peppered jelly for some kick! Last but not least, our soda crackers are always welcoming new flavors – top them with your favorite sharp cheddar or gouda in addition to your favorite slice of ham, salami, or roast beast and it’s a party!

Whether you’re about to have guests over, planning a family outing, or just looking for something fun to do – we definitely recommend getting your cracker on with our crunchy Diamond Bakery Snacks!

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